Getting Started – Apartment Refresh Pt. 1

The hardest thing about getting started, is getting started.

At least that’s what Guy Kawasaki said. I don’t know much about him, but I do know that sentiment is as true now as it ever was for me. You’d think cleaning and apartment and figuring out how to reorganize things would be easy enough.

I guess there’s a pretty good reason why “clean with me” and “organizing my _______” videos do so well on YouTube. We all admire people who are able to get it done. We use those videos for motivation or inspiration. We hope they’ll have some great, new secret to figuring out keeping our homes clean.

Life is messy, in every single way. Keeping our homes clean takes constant effort. Once you’ve done the big, deep clean, all you want to do is rest. Keeping up with it is the last thing on your mind, so you end up stuck in a cycle of letting things get cluttered and messy until it’s too much to take anymore, doing a giant job of cleaning up the massive mess, and then letting it happen all over again.

So here’s where I’m going to attempt changing that. Rather than cleaning my entire home top to bottom in one go, my husband and I are taking things a little at a time. Yesterday we tackled the living room and dining room. Today, I plan to tackle our guest room/my office. Monday, we might dip our toes into cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

If we spend an hour or two each day cleaning things up, we’re likely to not be so exhausted after that we can’t imagine doing the dishes before we go to bed. We don’t need to put the whole burden of cleaning our entire home on our shoulders at one time. So we’ll take it bit by bit.

Once we’ve gotten the apartment cleaned to a point were happy with, I’ll start the reorganizing process. This will include cleaning out the random closets, drawers, and storage boxes that we hardly ever open, and making sense of the storage areas we use more regularly and constantly struggle with.

After all of that, I hope to start digging into some much more labor-intensive efforts. I’d like to build covers for my radiators and hang some shelves on the walls. Ellie, our cat, is in desperate need of a new cat tree, and I’d like to build one myself that functions well for her but also looks nice in our space (unlike the many affordable options on the market).

But for now, we’re taking it bit by bit. Not everything needs to be perfect tomorrow, so we’ll focus on doing our small part today.

A corner of my life 5/24/2020