Throughout my life, I’ve had my share of creative phases, typically making them most obvious through my childhood Christmas lists. One year I wanted sketchbooks. The next I wanted clay. The year after, a book on how to play the drums.

A man and a woman stand in front of a lake in Hakone, Japan.
In Hakone, Japan, with my husband, Kevin.

It wasn’t until high school that I recognized my love for reading might translate into a love for writing. I decided to study English in college, and after graduating with honors I began my professional career in publishing. I had finally found a creative outlet that stuck.

Since then, I’ve been writing as often as I can, sharpening my skills and learning new ways to tell stories along the way. My work ranges from deeply researched, long-form articles to quick social media posts.

Most importantly, I’m always looking for a challenge. I get excited when an assignment comes my way about a topic I haven’t explored much. I feel a rush when research starts to form a narrative. I have pride when I deliver a piece that not only informs readers, but tells a story along the way.